Toshiba Satellite L850 Keyboard Playing Up

A client brought in a Toshiba Satellite L850 with keyboard issues. Some keys would work, others won’t. Sometimes it’ll press multiple times on certain keys. From outside view, no physical damages or visual signs of liquid spill.

Most likely a keyboard replacement will do the job. Before replacing with a new keyboard, we removed the keyboard to find liquid spill running through the ribbon cable causing the electronics to short circuit. Even though client never spilling anything recently, it could have been damaged before but problem got worse over time.

Upon further inspection there is damage to the track-pad as well as other components on the motherboard that stops the laptop from shutting down.

Our recommendation to the client was to either replace the laptop after doing a data recovery as it’s beyond economic value to repair the motherboard due to it’s age and condition. A normal computer store would have ordered a new keyboard and attempt to replace it, wasting time and money.

Client was happy to replace the laptop and have all data transferred to an external hard drive.