Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 2015 Keyboard & Track Pad not detected repair

A client walked in with an Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 2015 model that can’t detect Keyboard & TrackPad. It was previously repaired by another computer store 4 months ago. Just outside the 3 months warranty, the client decided to get it looked at by us.

Normally we don’t like to accept jobs that are repaired previously as the repair job becomes harder. In this case, we decided to accept the job and quote the client. Client mentioned it would randomly work and then stop working again.

Upon inspection, to our amazement, we found the previous repair was just using a sticky tape and pressing down the ribbon cable connecting track pad to the motherboard. Client paid over couple of hundred at least for this repair!

The green card is the actual business card of the repair shop, we’ve removed their details for privacy reasons, they are located in Ryde NSW to give you an idea. This repair is just wrong.

To repair these kind of issues, you really need to test each pin of the Integrated Circuit chip that controls the input devices and know where to find them. It’s a tricky business. Upon deep inspection of the logic board we found couple of the 8 pins of the IC chips are not making good contact with the board.

We repaired the faulty IC chips on the logic board and result is a successful dection of the keyboard and track pad.

Here is the final photo of the logic board when we give back to the client.