Apple iPhone 6S Liquid Water Damaged Repair

Client dropped the mobile phone into the sink for 10 few seconds then pulled it out. Unfortunately the way it well in the water, water managed to seep in the phone.

Water damaged front camera, ear piece, rear camera, flash, caused a boot loop on the phone, and of course the inside the screen there was water blemishes.

Did the client have backup? No, but we did train the customer how to backup using iTunes.

So repairing phone was vital and not about economic value.

First we turned the phone off and disconnect the battery. One thing you should remember is to turn off and remove the battery if possible after liquid damage.

Then we dried all water residues and start to disassemble every component and clean with alcohol and look for burns and damages and isolate the parts.

The burnt parts were re-soldered and parts replaced where necessary.

We installed new battery, new cameras and screen. Checked all the components again and tested them out including microphones, sensors, brightness, power settings etc…