Data Recovery from iPhone 4 & iPhone 5

The client one day decided to recover old photos that were in their old iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 which was kept in the draw for a long time. iPhone 4 had a history of severe liquid damage. iPhone 5 had been run over by a car!

Since then client had upgraded and used newer phones but never bothered getting the photos off.

iPhone 4 had minimal chance of recovery due to the extent of the damage. But again, we were up to the challenge. We managed to repair the phone just to a level enough we can power on the unit, type in our Pin code and extract all the data.

iPhone 5 also had marks of liquid damage and being run over by the car, caused significant damage to power modules on logic board. We were also able to repair these and recover the photos.

Client was most happy to hear good news and now can safely dispose of the old phones and save their childhood memories.