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Draytek VigorACS 2 1(One) year license key for 25 CPE nodes – Centralized Management System for Vigor Router & VigorAP 2yr wty

Supports TR-069 standard to manage Vigor Routers and VigorAPs
CPE Provisioning
Real-Time Status Monitoring
Advanced Firmware Management
VPN Wizard for easy configuration of VPN tunnels
AP & Wireless Management
Log Recording and Report
Designed with RWD to fit various size of screens

VigorACS 2 is a powerful centralized management software for Vigor Routers and VigorAPs, it is an integrated solution for configuring, monitoring, and maintenance of multiple Vigor devices from a single portal. VigorACS 2 is based on TR-069 standard, which is an application layer protocol that provides the secure communication between the server and CPEs, and allows Network Administrator to manage all the Vigor devices (CPEs) from anywhere on the Internet. VigorACS 2 Central Management is suitable for the enterprise customers with a large scale of DrayTek routers and APs, or the System Integrator who need to provide a real-time service for their customer’s DrayTek devices.

From VigorACS SI to VigorACS 2, DrayTek makes an effort to create a user-friendly interface and integrates more devices configurations. VigorACS 2 is more capable of controlling and monitoring CPEs since it covers more TR-069 parameters than which were covered on VigorACS SI, AP Profile is also added to do VigorAP provisioning easier. VigorACS 2 adopts responsive UI, this allows you to operate VigorACS 2 via tablets or phones, and we re-arrange the space configuration of every page, hope to provide a better user experience.

Informative Dashboard
Device Maintenance
Real-Time Monitor
VPN Wizard
AP Controller
Role-Based Access Control
and much more – https://www.draytek.com/en/products/central-management/vigoracs-2/

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Dimensions100 × 50 × 10 cm

2 Years