Repair/Service Job Form

Dear Customer,

This is an acknowledgement that SureCanDo Pty Ltd has received your Device for repair/service.

While your Device is being repaired it is capable of retaining your data. However, in some instances your data may be lost or become corrupted. SureCanDo Pty Ltd disclaim responsibility for any data loss or corruption or data security during the repair service. We recommend that you back-up and secure your data (if possible) prior to submitting your Device for repair/service.

A Quotation will be provided to you prior to repair commencement and the following applies:

  • A minimum service fee (plus freight if applicable) may apply if you choose not to proceed with the quoted repair.
  • Any payment due is required to be finalised prior to releasing your unit.
  • Repaired or exchanged Device is warranted for the longer of the balance of the product warranty or three (3) months from the date of repair/service completion.
  • Rectification of software fault or assistance to install, configure or troubleshoot any software application or any third party device are not covered under the Warranty, however, this may be available as a chargeable service at SureCanDo Pty Ltd prevailing rates.
  • If your product is “password protected” you will need to remove or advise SureCanDo Pty Ltd of any password to enable service personnel to gain access for the purpose for troubleshooting. Failure to comply with this requirement will cause delay.
  • If a Windows, Mac or Linux password is encountered, and you haven’t advised us, it will be erased without prior advice to you.

You are also directed to the standard terms for repair services which you acknowledge as having been provided to you and read by you prior to authorisation to repair/service.

If you any queries, please contact SureCanDo Pty Ltd service staff.

Standard Terms for Services & Repairs

Please read these terms carefully to ensure that you are properly informed about important matters such as your payment obligations, your warranty entitlements, SureCanDo liability to you and SureCanDo right to dispose of uncollected goods. Customers who deliver their goods in person are requested to sign here to indicate their acceptance of the terms. Customers who receive this document by mail are asked to contact SureCanDo within 24 hours if they object to any of the terms.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep SureCanDo informed of any changes to the Customer’s address and/or contact details. Please carefully read Clause 6 before you sign indicating your acceptance of these terms.

1.0 Definitions and application of terms
These terms apply to the customer’s goods (“the Product”) and SureCanDo services (“the Services”) specified in Product Received Record issued by SureCanDo Pty Limited (“SureCanDo”) to the Customer. To the extent permitted by law, they apply in addition to any other terms which SureCanDo may notify the Customer in writing and the Customer may accept. In the event of conflict the later terms will prevail.

2.0 Timing
SureCanDo will use its best endeavours to perform the Services by any date notified to the Customer, but will not have any liability to the Customer for failing to do so.

3.0 Payment
3.1 All chargeable Services (including the provision of spare parts and other materials) will be paid for by the Customer at SureCanDo current rates (including GST). Additional charges, including quote rejection fees and freight cost, are also payable by the Customer.
3.2 All amounts payable by the Customer must be paid on collection either by EFTPOS, accepted credit cards or bank cheques or in accordance with the terms of your SureCanDo Credit Account. Personal cheques are not accepted without prior arrangement.

4.0 Transportation of goods that are not covered by SureCanDo Pty Limited warranty
4.1 The Customer is responsible for arranging for delivery of the Product to service depot. SureCanDo has no responsibility for any loss or damage that may happen to the Product in transit to and from SureCanDo.

5.0 Warranty
5.1 SureCanDo warrants that any repairs to the Product performed by SureCanDo will restore the Product to compliance with
manufacturer’s specifications. SureCanDo will, at its option either repair or exchange the faulty parts within the Product, or the Product itself, with items that are functionally equivalent to that as originally supplied, or better, during the warranty period stated for the model, using new or refurbished parts or units, solely at SureCanDo discretion. Ownership of items is surrendered to each party on exchange.
Repair or exchange is subject to the original item being genuine and unaltered.
5.2 The warranty stated in clause 5.1 will be the balance of the Product Warranty, or ninety (90) days, whichever is greater.
5.3 To extend permitted by law all terms other than the ones and any additional terms referred to in clause 1, including (without limitation) all implied and statutory warranties and conditions, are excluded. Where any law (such as Australian Consumer Law or New Zealand’s Consumer Guarantee Act and Commerce Act) prevents this exclusion from operating in relation to a particular term, to the extend permitted by that law SureCanDo limits it’s liability for the breach of that term to the remedy to resupply the source.
5.4 Repair to the goods may result in loss of the data. It includes, for example, songs, photos, telephone numbers and electronic documents. SureCanDo is not responsible for any loss of data and recommends that the Customer backs up and secures the data prior sending the goods in for repair or service.
5.5 Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

6.0 Disposal of uncollected goods
6.1 This clause applies if the Customer fails to collect the Product after completion of the Services or the Customer was supposed to do so and/or following quotation where no Customer instructions are received by SureCanDo. In those circumstances, the Customer agrees that SureCanDo may dispose the Product in accordance with this clause.
6.2 SureCanDo will notify the Customer by phone, SMS or email that the Product has been repaired. If, after three (3) months of such notification, the Customer has not paid for the repair and/or collected or made arrangements for the collection of the Product, SureCanDo will deem the Product “abandoned” and SureCanDo may, in its absolute discretion, dispose of the Product in accordance with Clause 6.3 hereof.
6.3 If after three (3) months from the date of repair being completed the Customer has not collected the Product or requested SureCanDo to send the Product to the Customer, SureCanDo may dispose of the Product by such means as it considers appropriate, including (but not limited to) private sale, auction, gift or destruction. SureCanDo will apply the proceeds of any sale of the Product in the following sequence until the proceeds are exhausted:
(a) To pay any amount owed by the Customer in relation to the Services;
(b) To pay any unpaid fees of the kind referred to in clause 6.3;
(c) To pay any other amounts owed by the Customer to
SureCanDo; and (d) As a donation to a registered charity of SureCanDo’s choosing.
6.4 If the proceeds of sale of the Product are insufficient to cover the amounts referred to in the paragraphs 6.3(a)-(c) above, SureCanDo reserves the right to recover the shortfall from the Customer.
6.5 The Customer may collect the Product or instruct SureCanDo to send the Product to the Customer at any time up until, but not after, four (4) months from the date of invoice, provided that SureCanDo will not be obliged to release or send the Product until after the Customer has paid any outstanding amounts owed to SureCanDo.

7.0 Liability
Apart from the liabilities accepted by SureCanDo in clauses 5.2 and 5.3, SureCanDo expressly excludes all liability to the Customer in relation to the Services, the Product and anything done or not done by SureCanDo in accordance with these terms. This exclusion includes (but is not limited to) liability in negligence and liability for indirect, special or consequential loss (including without limitation loss of or defective software, data, wasted expenditure, loss of income or business opportunities and loss of employment).

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